Bloombex Option Review

Bloombex Option Review

Bloombex Option were established way back in 2009 so have been in the binary world for nearly as long as binary options have been going and due to this they can offer over one hundred different assets to their clients. A lot of brokers only offer a round 60 assets so if you wish to trade on more obscure assets then maybe Bloombex is one of the brokers you should have at your call. They offer the standard 85% payout which is pretty good but there are brokers that will offer more but its all pretty much swings and roundabouts. but at the end of the day why not go for a broker that offers 90% or 95% payout. The unfortunate thing is to get these higher rewards you will have to deposit a higher amount initially.

Bloombex Options

There is one advantage in depositing a higher amount initially and that is the bonuses you will be offered will be higher also but remember to read the small print when taking the bonuses because in some cases it can restrict how much you can withdraw in one go and in some cases it can all mean that it does take some time to be able to withdraw. That aside if the small print doesn´t say this there are some great first time user bonuses that are available for Bloombex and other brokers alike.

Once you have opened your Bloombex account the platform which you will be using is the SpotOption one which as we have pointed out before is the most popular one. This is what your platform will look like as shown below but if you are a more seasoned trader you have the option to use their BloombexMeta mode.

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Using this you will be able to read the markets a lot more clearly but only if you are used to using Metatraders. These are more commonly used when trading Forex and maybe a bit daunting to newcomers of binary options so initially we suggest you stick with the original setup they provide you with.

Bloombex Broker Review

To setup with Bloombex you need to deposit a minimum of $200. $200 in your account initially will get you 40 trades at the minimum trade level so this should keep you going for sometime and even the complete novice is going to win over 50% of their trades. But do bear in mind that the minimum withdrawal amount you can make is $100.

Bloombex Broker Review

Bloombex prides itself on security for the customer and offer a Secure Socket Layer(SSL) to prevent your account being tampered. We did find when signing up their security checks were quite rigorous but that is not such a bad thing as they want to make sure all your details remain secure.

They offer around the clock customer support whether it be over the phone, via e.mail, or live chat and are surely going to support your language if you are reading this now.

Like some of the other brokers they have a variety of different ways to trade which can be fun and may work successfully for different individuals but here at binary options trend indicator we would recommend sticking to the traditional method of trading but by all means try out the other methods but certainly dont trade too much money on these initially until you are comfortable with them.

So Bloombex Option have certainly stood the test of time in the market even though they havent been one of the biggest brokers. But by all accounts they are very professional, very customer supportive, and offer great rewards.

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