2015 Millionaire Review, is it a scam?

2015 Millionaire Review, is it a scam?


2015 Millionaire is a new product to the binary option world and is released on the 23rd of February 2015. So basically yesterday. Over the next few weeks here at www.binaryoptionstrendindicator.com we will spend a bit of time using the software and getting to grips with it.

On first look at 2015 Millionaire it looks quiet professional and the first thing that is required is to simply put in your name and e.mail address. Once you have entered your details you will be forwarded on to a page which shows these results which looks extremely impressive. If these figures are true and they claim that they are then this piece of software is looking extremely good. For example 2 days ago 107 winning trades and zero losing trades.

2015 millionaire results

So Its all looking pretty good so far. Looks very positive but we havent accessed the software yet. So lets move forward a little.  A bit further down the page you will see some results of recent trades. Please note that here at www.binaryoptionstrendindicator.com at this moment these are not our trades just ones we have been issued to give us some idea of the accuracy of 2015 millionaire.

2015 millionaire results 2

So as you can see from the screenshot above they claim very impressive results 9 trades successful out of 9.

After reading all this exciting information that proves how 2015 Millionaire will make you a lot of money it asks you again for a little information to login.. ie. password and username and telephone number which is obviously understandable to progress further. Please note at this point you will discover that 2015 Millionaire is completely free to use but you will have to open a broker account to trade with. This is usual in Binary Options Software and obviously you need to invest an amount of money for it to generate money for you. The 2015 Millionaire will then direct you through to a broker page. This piece of software is linked with TitanTrade and it is essential that you open you TitanTrade account within the software link so that they can work hand in hand.

Titan trade

To continue any further you need to open your TitanTrade account and then it will bring you back to the 2015 Millionaire software so you can start winning trades. Currently we have already got a Titan Trade account so we are currently trying to synchronise it with the software and we are waiting for a response from 2015 millionaire.

Once we have donme this we will start placing trades inside the software over a 2 to 3 week period and report back our results. The software seems slick and the setup process is very easy. Titan Trade take all different forms of payment and providing the software works as well as it claims to you shouldnt have to much of a problem withdrawing your profits from Titan.

So it all looks good and we are looking forward to testing this new software and putting it through its paces. If any of you out there have used 2015 millionaire and would like to share it with all of www.binaryoptionstrendindicator.com and its readers we would love to here from you. We will update this post as soon as we know more but we are certainly looking forward to using 2015 millionaire and certainly looking forward to lining our pockets.From the look of things it certainly looks genuine and not one of the more recent scams but please let us know your thoughts.

2015 millionaire what is it? Its a genuine piece of software that links up with Titan Trade to increase your results when trading binary options

To try out 2015 millionaire click here: 2015millionaire free trial



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