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Binary Interceptor is another binary options application which was launched last week. On first impressions, it doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen within the industry. In fact, there are many similarities between Binary Interceptor and a number of the other systems we’ve reviewed. The background of the site is a desaturated photo of a cityscape which looks ok. The thing which lets the software down quite a lot is the use of McAfee, Verisign and Symantec seals as this suggests to me that this app is made by the same developers who gave us countless other systems which haven’t worked as they all use the same companies of supposed endorsement.

We are given three sign up forms on this page which I think is overkill really. They clearly really want us to sign up which completely contradicts the nature of a binary options system. We’ve all seen these sales videos which say that they want to give something back to the world which is why they’re giving away their amazing system. If this is the truth, there should be no reason to have a sales video at all. After all, if something is being given away and is guaranteed to make the recipient rich, why would the owner go to so much trouble to sell it to us. Something just doesn’t add up.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the sales video itself. We’re not really expecting anything much different to what we’ve seen in the past but let’s see…

Binary Interceptor – The Sales Video

Binary InterceptorThe very first thing the narrator of the video condescendingly says is that he’s a very rich binary options trader, and we’re not. To me, that’s a bad way to start to build a relationship with a potential client. We’ve already clarified that they really want us to sign up here thanks to the abundance of sign up forms. After trying to persuade time wasters to leave the page, the presenter of the video explains a bit about the software. He says that Binary Interceptor picks up on financial data and will intercept any important information, relaying it back to you so that you can trade on it. Even after the first minute, it’s clear to me that this is just the same as every other binary options video.

About half way down the page, there’s a section which tries to explain why Binary Interceptor is the best tool for trading binary options. They say that the automatic trading patter, strategy and technology is modelled after the strategy of a multi billionaire. They also say that the servers are constantly monitoring the world’s financial markets and that they detect important news which is used to the users benefit.

My Final Thoughts on Binary Interceptor

Many claims are made on this home page which just can’t be backed up by facts. There are literally hundreds of binary options systems which deceive us into thinking that they’re different but the fact of the matter is that they’re all essentially doing the same thing.

The only type of binary options product I would 100% trust is one which advises you and allows you to place trades manually. Take TrendXpert for example. They have been around for years whereas most of these auto traders disappear after just a few short months. Always be careful with binary options auto traders as they can lose your money very quickly if they have bad intentions.

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