Professional Binary Robot Scam Review

Professional Binary Robot Scam Review

Welcome to binary options trend indicators review of Professional Binary Robot review. Here we will be identifying how good a piece of software actually it is. It was officially released on the 23rd of February 2015



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On going to the homepage you will be given lots of information regarding Professional Binary Robot and it all looks very interesting and very professional. The homepage is full of testimonials so people must be using this software already  and the some of the responses that people have put in look very encouraging.

Heres a few of dozens of comments on the site:

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So from the home page we entered our details here at binary options trend indicator and then you are told you have a few minutes to create your account and that no money will be required. The usual e.mail, first and last name and phone number are required to progress further. Seems pretty straight forward. Once this process has been done you are forwarded to a video congratulating you for joining Professional Binary Robot. The Owner of the software procedes to tell us that this software is the best and most powerful training software. Access is limited to a certain amount of traders so if you wish to benefit from this software we suggest that you get to the site as soon as possible.

There is a time limit of 24 hours and then your account will be cancelled and you  have to start the process all over again. There is a lot of hype surrounding this software so we are going to sign up right now. When clicking through you are forwarded to a broker sign up. This is done with the broker BigOption and requires a minimum deposit of $250 dollars so about €200. We have little knowledge of the Broker BigOption here at binary options trend indicator but we will certainly be reviewing them in the coming weeks through this software and as an entity on their own.

Professional Binary Robot Scam Review 2 Ok so we have now signed up and deposited our money and Wow this software looks good! It appears that the software integrated together with the broker will make a trade automatically for you when the time seems right. Couldnt be easier! All you have to do is select the frequency of how often you wish the software to trade and the amount you wish to trade each time and it appears that the minimum trade is $10. So we put in an hour long trade span and the minimum deposit of $10 dollars. So in theory we will have traded $240 dollars within the next day. Lets hope this software performs as well as it says it does else our account is going to be empty within a very short time span.

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So 24 hours later…. what results did we get?

Without going into detail it didnt win all of its trades. Professional Binary Robot made 24 trades for us and won 19 of them so with the broker taking a commission we have ended up with $386.23 in our account. wow thats pretty good for a 24 hour period. We will proceed to do another 24hour session and increase our trades to $15.

So Professional Binary Robot is it a scam. Definately not! If we can make over $130 dollars in a 24hour period then why wouldnt anybody do it. I guess the only restriction is the amount of people that can sign up so get in quick.

Here is a quick link to the software here: Professional Binary Robot

We will update our results again in a few weeks and would love to hear from any of you that use this great bit of software.

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