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Underdog Millionaire is being released early next week and on first impressions, it looks fairly trustworthy. There are no flashing banners containing false promises or countdowns claiming that there are limited spaces available and that you need to act quickly. You can even take your cursor outside of the browser window without being inundated with popup windows begging you to wait for them to explain that you’re guaranteed to make money with this software. The only thing which is a bit of a scam tactic before we’ve played the video is the name. The fact that “millionaire” is in the title is a negative point, I have to be honest. 90% of the time, when a product name contains the word millionaire, it turns out to be a scam.

Underdog Millionaire Introduction Video

The video on the Underdog Millionaire homepage really lets this product down in my opinion. The statements claiming that you can become a millionaire are bad enough but the way the narrator says it as if it’s totally normal really makes me wonder. Do these people really think that their potential customers are that stupid? The narrator says that this isn’t another affiliate marketing ploy to get deposits out of you and that he’s not going to tell you any stories because he really hates the spam emails which other software owners and affiliates send out.

So the video carries on claiming that normal every day people like you and me can become millionaires with this software along with various other statements. Then the gold comes out. He’s revealing this secret to you “absolutely for free”. I don’t know why the developers of these apps have to say the same scummy things in their sales videos. The site looked quite promising really and they’ve ruined their own credibility with these outlandish claims. I’m going to look a little bit more into this app purely because the site itself looks so inconspicuous.

Features of Underdog Millionaire

Underdog Millionaire FormWith the Underdog Millionaire software, you also get a free webinar and various trading tools to help you progress with your trading. This is a plus point for the software as most binary options apps don’t really offer much in the way of an after service. The fact that you get signals tools and webinars makes me think that there’s hope for Underdog Millionaire yet.

Featured on the homepage is a short list of things which are included with the software. You can expect daily news with regards to the financial markets, trading notifications and learning materials. I think that as far as binary options systems go, this looks to be one of the best looking in a while. I’ve left a link at the bottom of this review in case you want to check out the homepage for yourself. I think I will be trying the software soon to see if my predictions are correct but I can’t say or definite whether or not Underdog Millionaire is a scam.

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