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Another binary options system has been launched this week and it’s called Wisdom of the Crowds. Whilst this is a very unusual name when it comes to binary options, we fear that this could be where the differences begin and end. The site itself doesn’t look too dissimilar to other apps in the industry in that there is a sales video, a sign up form and various testimonials which may or may not be fake. First things first, let’s have a look at the video.

Wisdom of the Crowds Video

So the video starts with a number of voices telling us that the software is making them money. I’m not sure if these people are clients or employees of Wisdom of the Crowds but something I have noticed is that regardless of where they’re supposedly from, they all seem to have American accents. There are people from New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands, amongst others, in this video and they all sound the same, with the possible exception of the guy from Croatia, who sounds like an American trying to sound like a foreigner. The creators of this video are clearly going for familiarity when they mention global companies like Nike, Coca Cola and Google. This is a tactic which instantly grabs the attention of the general public as these brands are very wealthy and very successful. Later in the video, “Andrew” from Canada talks about an investor who bought Apple shares when the tech giant first went public. This is deceitful as it’s leading potential clients into a false sense of security. This is a binary options product. You are not buying or selling shares, you are merely predicting whether their values will increase or decrease.

The Website of Wisdom of the Crowds

Wisdom of the crowds popupThe first thing which I absolutely have to mention is the popup window which appears when we take our mouse outside of the browser window. We see these a lot in binary options but this one in particular is by far the most irritating. Most of the other popup windows we see will appear every two or three times the cursor leaves the window. The Wisdom of the Crowds popup however… This pops up literally EVERY time the cursor leaves the window, whether that is to adjust your computer volume or just accidentally.

wisdom of the crowds steve jobsSo, already overflowing with anger thanks to the popup window, we’re going to look at the rest of the page. The sign up form sticks to the bottom of the page so that it can always be found, no matter where you are on the site. This is quite a neat idea and it’s not something we see very often in this industry. There’s an iMac graphic below the fake Facebook screenshot which houses a quote from Steve Jobs which reads “If I try my best and fail, well, I’ve tried my best”. Not only does this have nothing to do with the product, it’s also suggesting totally the wrong attitude. Don’t misunderstand me here, I agree with the quote in itself. The thing is though, this product is a binary options auto trader so trying hard doesn’t really apply here. Essentially, in this context, the quote is saying that if you lose, you should have the attitude that “at least I tried”.

My Final Thoughts

There aren’t many design flaws on the homepage which is unusual for a binary options product but the elements which make me back away are within the content itself. This is, if anything, even more reason to stay away from Wisdom of the Crowds. I don’t recommend trying this software in all honesty but I’ll leave a link below to the homepage so that you can see the examples of what to avoid in the binary options industry.

See the Homepage

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